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(Ecological Diversity and Agriculture)

ECODIAG arises from the pooling of three tools of diagnoses of farm used in France since a few years.
These three complementary tools allow to estimate the state of the biodiversity, as well at the level of the cultivated plot of land as of the operating system.

They can be used as well as tools of sensitization, as evaluation, or conduct of a farm in the objective to protect the biodiversity, but also to understand its utility. (Biological fight, pollination)

They have proved particularly useful in zones Natura 2000, when they allowed to locate the stakes in biodiversity and to propose adequate measures of management, in coherence with the operating system.

Groups of producers also mobilized them to put forward the environmental quality of their product and of their system.

They are experimented since October, 2011 on the territory of the delta from the Danube to Rumania, in Corsica and in the delta from the Guadalquivir to Spain, and are the object in 2012 of training courses of trainers opened at the same time to the teachers, the farmers, the organizers of regional natural reserves, the agricultural or environmental technicians.

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